Photo taken by Liz Ketcham

Storytelling is powerful. Sharing our perspectives can help us feel understood, and listening to others’ narratives can help us view the world through their lenses. In essence, storytelling not only promotes awareness, but also encourages empathy. What we hear influences what we say. After lending our ears to one another, we can proceed to stand up for more than just ourselves and voice each other’s concerns in harmony.

As such, The Outpatient Project features series of photographs and interviews of women of all ages as they reflect upon various aspects of their lives and ruminate about their views and feelings. Through their accounts, we as listeners can contemplate prevalent cultural attitudes regarding health issues that these individuals dealt with growing up, how those attitudes affected their own outlooks, and much, much, more.

We publish the following perspectives as neither an endorsement nor a criticism of the ideas that they espouse and the beliefs that they share. Rather, these series simply serve to provide everyone’s story a medium for expression, and for everyone reading to get a sense of various groups’ health care needs. I strongly believe that everyone’s story matters; that, we can all learn from sharing the various windows through which we view our common world.

Welcome to The Outpatient Project.

Sruti Bandlamuri
Founder and Editor, The Outpatient Project