Photo taken by Liz Ketcham

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Sruti Bandlamuri, Founder and Editor, Photographer

Sruti Bandlamuri is a senior at Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson, Arizona. Initially a writer for the Young Minds Advocacy mental health blog, she was inspired to launch The Outpatient Project while compiling photo interviews for a post featuring the internal perspectives of teenagers. Interviewing her peers revealed that everyone has an unvocalized narrative that molds their unique perspective on mental and physical health, and her resolve to give those narratives and perspectives a platform for expression materialized as The Outpatient Project. When not running The Outpatient Project, Sruti can be found practicing Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) or playing sports.

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Xiao Glahn, Technical Director and Photographer

Xiao Glahn attends Catalina Foothills High School as a senior. Xiao enjoys learning about people from diverse backgrounds and listening to their stories. She takes pleasure in yoga, food and exploring different places.

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Meghana Bandlamuri, Social Media Director

Meghana is an undergraduate student at the University of Arizona. As an amateur photographer and an avid writer, she is hoping to use written memories and photos as a snapshot in time, where she can share each individuals unique narrative and their entanglement with physical/mental health. Meghana hopes that The Outpatient Project will serve as a community that recognizes and empowers women by showing the vibrance, diversity, and strength in the human experience and its relationship with health. When not working or studying, Meghana can be found behind a paintbrush, searching exotic recipe videos (and attempting to cook them), and hiking anywhere she can.

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Zoe Somerville, Communications Director

Zoe is an undergraduate student at Northern Arizona University and hopes to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. She has a passion for equality and empowerment which fuels her to volunteer with a variety of organizations like The Outpatient Project. Mental illness has been a major influence in Zoe’s life making The Outpatient Project so near to her heart. Telling and reading stories about mental illness has provided Zoe with a sense of comfort and community that she hopes to extend to others while working with the Outpatient team. In her free time, Zoe enjoys spending time with her dog Zeus, napping, and learning about intersectional feminism.

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